Schedule residential junk removal services in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas

Are boxes of old clothes and toys slowly filling up your closet? Do you have to park on the street because your garage is full of junk? You can reclaim your space by hiring Beach Boys Junk Removal for residential junk removal services.

We help people in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding areas with everything from removing a few boxes to cleaning out the entire home of a hoarder. Set up a home or garage cleanout by calling us at (661) 489-8953.

The items you can get rid of

Looking to get rid of something specific? You can hire us for all kinds of home and garage cleanout jobs, including...

  • Cleaning up construction debris after a remodeling or construction project
  • Getting rid of old personal belongings, furniture or appliances
  • Clearing out yard waste like grass and tree clippings or brush
Make an appointment for residential junk removal services when you contact us today.